This New Clip From 'Beauty And The Beast' Teases Gaston's Epic Bar Song!

This New Clip From 'Beauty And The Beast' Teases Gaston's Epic Bar Song!

In anticipation of the film’s March 17 release, Disney just put out a sneak peak from Beauty and the Beast—and it’s absolutely positively the best scene from the original movie.

The Gaston song should have won a Grammy for Best Song In The History of Ever when it first came out. Thanks to the talents of Cogsworth and Lumiere, it looks like the live-action version will be almost an exact replica of the original!

The teaser shows Gaston’s goofy sidekick Le Fou leading an impromptu pump-up song for his distressed buddy. Le Fou couldn’t have been casted better – he’s played by Josh Gad, who’s already the best part of another Disney hit, voicing Olaf in Frozen.

Legendary bad guy Gaston, meanwhile, is being played by the charming Luke Evans. While he may not be quite the same size as the animated version of his character (the only person with the appropriate dimensions may be The Rock), there’s no denying he brings the perfect amount of smarmy charm and singing pipes necessary for the role.

If you’re a fan of the original Beauty and the Beast, then this clip will 100 percent get you excited for the upcoming film. Check it out below!