The Super Dark Detail In The 2nd Harry Potter Book You Failed To Notice

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


A Harry Potter super fan like ourselves figured out something that will blow your mind. You, of course, remember the Deathday Party in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. It was an annual Halloween Hogwarts party for Gryffindor's resident ghost, Nearly Headless Nick. Upon first glance, this is exactly what it looks like. A Deathday party for a ghost, filled with merriment and cheer. 

However, you must remember when Hagrid comes to rescue Harry from the island off the coast of the UK where he is being held quasi-captive by the nefarious Dursleys. Once Hagrid barges in and establishes who he is and why he is there, he tells Harry that his parents were wizards and that they died on October 31 eleven years ago. 

So, let's take that in for a second. 

October 31 is also the day of Halloween AND the Deathday party. This is not that big of a deal until you really start to dive deep into how important this day must have been for Harry. 

Harry is not only celebrating the death of Nearly Headless Nick, but also he is celebrating/mourning the death of his parents. It is never disclosed to us that the Dursleys told Harry when the exact date of his parents' death was. For all we know, this is the first time Harry knew when his parents died. Instead of mourning, he went to a party. 

Some people might be upset by his lack of respect, but I see it a little differently. In my opinion, Harry went to the party as a way to get away from the overwhelming sense of loss that he had to be feeling. By going to the Deathday party, he distracted himself from what was really going on internally. 

Am I crying as I am writing this/ thinking about Harry's sense of loneliness AS A 12-YEAR-OLD? Yes. Yes, I am. #noshame

James and Lily Potter will always be in our hearts, and, now, when we reread Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, we will read the Deathday chapter will a little bit more sadness and respect for Harry, his parents, and his courage.