The New 'Avatar' Theme Park Is Going To Be INSANE

The New 'Avatar' Theme Park Is Going To Be INSANE
Visit Pandora

It seemed like a pipe dream that would never come true. Well, folks, it’s happening! What, you ask? Oh, nothing big—just a freakin’ Avatar theme park!

Disney has finally pulled the trigger on this project and concept art along with footage from the near-complete park has been put out into the universe.

Guess what? It looks super amazing cool. Was there ever really any doubt an Avatar theme park would be anything other than absolutely insanely spectacular? No, no there was not.

Information about the world Disney is recreating can be found on a nifty “travel” website that’s been set up. The “partnership” between Alpha Centauri Expeditions and Disney promises to be mind-blowing.

While you can’t ACTUALLY travel to space and visit a real life Pandora as the site suggests, the theme park looks like it will be an imaginative creation nonetheless. Who doesn’t want to visit the Valley of Mo’ara and Kaspavan River in real life?

The park is going to open in summer 2017 and will be located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World. Concept artwork suggests that it will feature recreation of the naturalistic sci-fi eco-wonderland that made the movie such a spectacle. This means lots of crazy wildlife and bioluminescent trees.

The new land will feature two major attractions. One is a boat ride that travels through the Pandora rainforest called the Na’vi River Journey and the other is Flight of Passage, which should include the winged creatures from the movie.

Along with the major attractions, the Avatar theme park will have shops and places to get your munch on, all in the style of the Pandora rainforest. Who can complain about that? Basically this place is going to be a Rainforest Cafe with spaceships added. That sounds...awesome.

If this all seems like a little much for one movie that came out in 2009, that would be understandable. However, Disney has multiple sequels planned, with the first debuting in December 2018.

It looks like Disney is setting up a bandwagon for people to jump on. Who can blame them when this park looks cool? If you’re eagerly awaiting your chance to visit, make sure you circle May 27, 2017 on your calendar.

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