The Future Doctor Will See You Now

The Future Doctor Will See You Now

Healthcare is falling behind.

If you've been to more than one doctor's office in your life, you know that every time you go anywhere new they hand you a clipboard with a thousand questions on it. In the era of "sign in with Facebook", this byzantine process is starting to feel a little out of date.

Now finally, there are signs that the medical service revolution may be upon us. A new healthcare company called Forward wants to save you from the tedious and inefficient hassle of old medicine and help usher in the shiny new future of health.

Founded by a young Google alum, the business uses a Silicon Valley approach to care. Their flagship location - the only one so far - is in San Francisco and looks more like an Apple store than your typical doctor's waiting room.

Forward Office

That glowing alcove behind the desk is a major feature of the office, an update on the ancient scales used in every other waiting room and hospital in the world. In 45 seconds, it can take your temperature, measure your weight and collect a slew of other vital signs which are automatically stored in your file.


In a major advance that will seem utterly obvious to everyone, Forward membership comes with an app that stores all your medical information, reminds you about upcoming appointments, and allows you to contact real live staff members at any time.

App For That

All the data from your visits is encrypted and logged in compliance with federal HIPPA regulations, and the company says it will aggregate this information anonymously, to help discover better methods of care.

In-person doctor meetings occur in front of a large touch screen that help the professionals explain your conditions, and on your way out the door you get fitted with a wearable device to collect still more data to monitor your well-being.

Jump In

The company can also test your blood onsite in just twelve minutes, and offers DNA sequencing, to help you predict problems before they occur.

So, what's the catch? Well, since Forward opts to skip out on all the messy nonsense accompanying health insurance, this miracle doctoring does come at a price. Right now that price is $149 per month, though the company anticipates it will be able to get this down to lower levels as its operations expand.