Swipe Right For Your New Baby!! Would You Try This Controversial Adoption App?

Swipe Right For Your New Baby!! Would You Try This Controversial Adoption App?

A new app was said to be being developed to let prospective parents to find kids to adopt. Sounds...convenient. But it was the app’s familiar method of choosing babies that had people very heated!

Like the popular dating app Tinder, the Adoptly app allows people to swipe left or right on babies...right if you like ‘em and left if you don’t! Of course, when it comes to dating, it works to find people who you are attracted to or have things in common with. But how do you consistently reject innocent kids like that? How do you make that judgement on a baby? So, of course, the idea of the app was really controversial!

“When parents adopt, they first find an agency to develop trust,” said Dr. Harvey Karp, a pediatrician and book author. “This is like picking a doctor before having a baby. Looking at photos and videos is commonplace, but picking children by swiping photos is an emotionally difficult experience for someone wanting to adopt. It means actively rejecting child after child.”

According to Nicole Witt, the Executive Director of The Adoption Consultancy, in real adoptions of babies in particular, it would be more like to be matched with expectant moms than seeing babies that were already born. So it was mad sketchy!

However, the people at Adoptly believed that there’s nothing wrong with the app, that it’s just really misunderstood. “We are not dictating which options are made available,” said Adoptly co-founder Alex Nawrocki. “Adoptly acts like an aggregator of agency and network databases already in existence, pulling in legally pre-approved profiles, making the adoption process much simpler.”

The Adoptly app had both Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns, which were promptly marked for review after controversy rose behind the app. But, after all that, it turns out that this entire thing was a HOAX. There was no plans to truly put this app out here, which was really messed up for parents looking to adopt who did donate, or planned to donate. The founders were apparently going to refund any donations, but still. This was a perfect example of a joke or satire that probably went too far.

Honestly, glad it’s a joke, because kids deserve much better than this to find families to adopt them!