Poussey And Taystee Reunite In This Bittersweet New 'Orange Is The New Black' Teaser

orange is the new black mirror
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Heads up: If you haven't seen the end of Orange Is The New Black season 4 yet, there are spoilers ahead.

Poussey Washington's devastating death at the hands of a corrections officer in the penultimate episode of Orange Is The New Black's fourth season ripped a giant, still-aching hole in our hearts. (We're sure all fans of the show can relate.)

Prepare to get emotional all over again, because a brand new teaser trailer for the show's upcoming episodes just dropped, and it features a mini-reunion between Pouseey and her best friend, Tasha "Taystee" Jefferson.

In the clip — a crossover with another one of Netflix's shows, the trippy science fiction hit Black Mirror —Taystee dozes off to sleep in Litchfield Penitentiary and winds up in a glam '80s bar alongside her late friend.

As "Heaven Is A Place On Earth" plays in the background, the two BFFs catch up over drinks and groove, carefree. (Black Mirror fans will recognize the scene from the show's "San Junipero" episode, as Teen Vogue pointed out, where two characters fall in love in virtual reality.)

But like all good things, Taystee and Poussey's reunion must come to an end.

"Wait, wait, wait," Poussey says Taystee, looking at her watch. "It looks like your time is up."

As Taystee tries to tell her friend otherwise, she wakes up on her prison cot and realizes it was all a dream. 

UGH, Poussey. ❤️ Cue the waterworks and watch the clip below:

OITNB season 5 heads to Netflix June 9.