Emma Watson Watching Her 'Harry Potter' Outtakes Will Make Your Day

Emma Watson Watching Her 'Harry Potter' Outtakes Will Make Your Day
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Thanks to Beauty and the Beast, Emma Watson has been in the news waaaay more than usual lately. And because of that, Harry Potter fans everywhere are jumping for joy because more than often the 26-year-old actress is asked about her Hermione Granger days. 

Watson appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Monday night to talk about everything from her new film, to visiting Shanghai Disneyland and meeting Celine Dion. 

Kimmel, however, wasn't going to interview the actress without mentioning Harry Potter. He surprised Watson by showing her a Harry Potter outtake, where you can see her mouthing Dan and Rupert's lines.

"You're helping them with their lines!" Kimmel laughed.

"You laugh - this is actually quite traumatic for me, because I created issues because of this," Watson said. "I would ruin takes. Chris would be like, 'Cut. Emma, you're doing it again. You're mouthing Dan's lines.'"

As it turns out, Watson only mouthed their lines because she wanted to make sure everything was perfect. Such a Hermione move.

"I couldn't help myself," she said. "I was such a loser, I really loved those books, I really wanted to do my job well, and I kind of overdid it."

We totally understand, Emma. We would do the same exact thing.