6 Games So Big They Could Take Over Your Life

6 Games So Big They Could Take Over Your Life

It’s easy to get sucked in by a really great video game, and as technology gets better the games are only getting so epic it may end up being too much to take in. The open-world genre of games is practically crowded at this point, and nowadays your sixty dollars is likely to give you more bang for your buck than you could expect. Some games are huge, from their size and scope to how packed to the brim with content they are. Here are six that are likely to take over your life…



If you’re here, you more than likely know that Minecraft is not only made up of really great core components, it’s a deceptively deep game which fans have made even deeper over time. There’s a ton to explore in Minecraft, but what gives it such longevity is the depth to its creation systems, the endless possibilities presented to every player, and how much room it gives players to make their own experiences!

With any other game that (on the surface) seems to just be about crafting, it would be hard to argue that there’s a ton to dig into. Minecraft is another beast entirely, and it’s that depth which has kept it going since the alpha released six years ago.

Just Cause 2


What Just Cause 2 lacks in story, structure, and character it makes up for in high-flying thrills unlike any other open-world game ever made. Between the car-to-car combat, massive destruction, and endless opportunities for chaos, Just Cause 2 is its own beast in what you could probably call the “open-world stunt-action” genre. There’s just nothing quite like zipping around the utterly massive game world stirring up trouble wherever you go, and just letting your antics take you from place to place.

There is so much content in Just Cause 2 that it would take an obscene amount of time to complete everything. Hilariously, there’s a glitch keeping the game’s completion percentage from ever reading 100%, but so few players could ever get that far that very few of us would probably ever encounter it!

Dark Souls


Dark Souls is a large game, but what makes it so life-commanding is its vast, vast depth in all aspects. Want to master the game’s systems? Prepare to spend dozens of hours learning about the intricate balancing act between weapons, armor, stats, and enemy behavior. Want to rock at player-versus-player combat? You’ll need tons of practice, need to farm materials to make it happen, and will have to find the right merchants to get the right equipment and upgrade it properly. Want to dig deep into the lore? Pick up every item, search every nook and cranny, talk to every character across different situations…

You get the point.

Dark Souls is proof that what can make a game really amazing and truly vast is not just how much space the designers can brag about. What makes it so huge, and what makes it so brilliant, is how much there is to sink your teeth into.

Dragon Age: Inquisition


Bioware’s Dragon Age: Origins was a big game, a love letter to classic Western-developed RPGs in an epic dark fantasy adventure with tons and tons of choices that make sure every playthrough is different (some estimate that, including all possible variations, there are around 27 different endings stemming from 4 different main choices). Dragon Age: Inquisition takes that same love of the genre and dramatically expands it to a huge open-world format divided into a handful of different “levels.”

How big are those levels? Each one is as big as all of Dragon Age: OriginsDragon Age: Origins, says Bioware. In fact, the first environment is so huge that it’s pretty common for newbie players to be told to get out of it early and move on with the story before they get too sucked in.

Though not all of the content is deep, and there are a few too many fetch quests for some players’ liking tucked amongst some great quests, the fact that every accomplishment builds upon the player’s army makes everything incredibly addictive. A vast, addictive open world? Sounds almost like…

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim


It’s simply not possible to discuss big video games without bringing up the Elder Scrolls series. It’s not physically as large as Daggerfall, the second installment, which the developer boasts is “the size of Great Britain,” it wisely chooses to populate its gorgeous Nordic expanse with beautiful vistas, epic quests, and surprising random encounters. Skyrim isn’t necessarily the deepest game around, but it’s constantly engaging and celebrates exploration.

Better still, this continues the tradition of mod-friendly Bethesda releases and has a huge modding community which turns out everything from cool new outfits to epic quests in their own right. If somehow Skyrim doesn’t have enough content for you, check out PC Gamer’s list of the 50 best Skyrim mods to dramatically increase the experience’s scope even beyond what you’d currently expect.

Still, Skyrim has commonly been described with the phrase “vast as an ocean, deep as a puddle.” One recent game which finds the best of both worlds, however, is…

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


The third installment in the Witcher game franchise, based on the Polish book series, is a game that defies all logic. Its open world is 20% larger than Skyrim, and every single element of the world is detailed and rich. There is never a random fetch quest in The Witcher 3; take on a contract to defeat a monster and you’ll find a story behind the person hiring you, bargaining to negotiate your pay, investigation of the people involved and known sightings, research into the monsters themselves, preparation with concocting potions and blade oils, and an epic battle often with a plot twist at the end.

Nothing in The Witcher 3 ever feels throwaway or pointless. Every character interaction is well-acted and well-written, every environment is artistically beautiful, every battle a thrill. That all of it is wrapped up in one of the most epic, engrossing, and emotional main quests in the open-world genre, with countless different paths and endings thanks to a world of freedom to choose your path, boggles the mind. The Witcher 3 is a modern masterpiece, and eighty hours into the game I still have countless quests to complete, equipment to forge, and characters to meet.

These are just a handful of games so vast you may never even manage to complete them! Are there any games that have taken over your life? Let us know in the comments!

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