#TBT: Counting Down Snooki's 5 Best Performances From 'Dancing With The Stars'

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2) Cha-Cha - Week 1

On Week 1, Snooki pulls two 8's from the judges' scores. That's INCREDIBLE! She was never a dancer, yet came into the ballroom and performed magnificently. That opening spin at the 0:08 mark made my jaw hit the floor. And when she dropped the black trench-coat, it was as if she was telling everyone watching, "I'm here byotches!" I live for such fabulous-ness. 

1) Samba - Week 7

I know this is the week (forgive my tears) that Snooki got eliminated. But that was an INJUSTICE! This samba was stunning. The leopard-print was sensational. The shimmying was unmatched by any other stars' shimmying. The legwork was in a class of its own. How could America get this so wrong?! I am apologizing on our country's behalf for this error in judgement. Snooki got another 27 on this dance. Why the judges didn't give her a perfect score will forever remain one of the great unsolved mysteries of the world. 

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