You Can Build Your Own 'Beauty And The Beast' Character At Build-A-Bear And We're Ready To Give Them All The Hugs

You Can Build Your Own 'Beauty And The Beast' Character At Build-A-Bear And We're Ready To Give Them All The Hugs
Build-A-Bear via Chip and Co

Disney is pulling out all the stops when it comes to the new live action Beauty and the Beast. They've got makeup, clothes, you can even buy a fine china set with the new Mrs. Potts. It doesn't sing the theme song, but Disney can only do so much.

If your room wasn't already full of amazing Beauty and the Beast stuff, it's about to be. They just announced that the film is partnering with Build-A-Bear-Workshop, so you'll be able to make a cuddly Beauty and Beast of your own.

Honestly, getting to have a little Bear Belle by your side would be amazing. And when the Beast is transformed into an adorable teddy bear, he becomes a lot more cuddly than scary.

Look at that beast! The costume is perfect and he looks so dainty with his little frills. Plus, all the stitching is actually immaculate. Honestly, the Beast is going to be the best looking teddy bear for miles.

And of course there's Belle! Just as pretty as her name. First of all, we love the wig. Can we buy wigs for all of our stuffed animals? Because we're picturing our cute lamb stuffy looking way better with some flowing red hair. 

Belle would not be complete without her signature yellow dress. The fact that it as a satiny layer, a tulle layer and embroidered swirls is amazing. With her little added eyelashes, she is for sure the most beautiful girl in town.

Since this is Build-A-Bear, you can still customize your bear anyway you want. If you'd like to add Belle's fancy gown to a different bear, that's totally cool. Or you could give a stuffy Belle's gown and the Beasts coat for some high fashion androgyny. Hey, just because they're teddy bears doesn't mean they can't take style risks.

We love this idea! There's always dolls and action figures for every film, but try to snuggle an action figure at night. You'll end up rolling over on it and having a plastic imprint on your face in the morning.

Hopefully this is just a first in the line of Disney themed Build-A-Bear's because we will happily get every Princess if we get the chance.

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