Watch Beast Knock Belle Out With A Huge Snowball In New Teaser Clip!

Watch Beast Knock Belle Out With A Huge Snowball In New Teaser Clip!

What’s more romantic than a boulder-sized ball of snow to the face?!

That’s what Disney is teasing in their latest Beauty and the Beast clip – well, that and sneak peak of the classic song “Something There.”

The film’s release is right around the corner, which has only increased the amount of promotional material coming out for the highly-anticipated film. All that press seems to be working, too; presale tickets have already made this film the fastest selling family movie of all time.

This 46-second clip is a twist on a classic scene from the original, where Belle and Beast finally start hitting it off. It’s casual flirting, Disney-style – meaning animals and magic and, of course, lots and lots of singing.

Belle is played by Emma Watson of Harry Potter fame, obviously, but Beast is a little harder to recognize under all that hair and horns and what not: actor Dan Stevens is probably best known for his previous work on Downtown Abbey.

Now, hardcore fans of the animated version will surely notice a few differences from the original – the snowball being the most obvious – but will these modifications be a good thing for the new movie? We’ll only know after seeing the entire film.

In the meantime, you’re just going to have to make due with this teensy tiny teaser: 

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