Wait, Do You Not Know About This Secret Netflix Page?

Wait, Do You Not Know About This Secret Netflix Page?

Have you forever wondered why classics like Boy Meets WorldThe O.C, and Veronica Mars aren't streaming on Netflix. Well, brace yourselves, my friends: there's a secret page on the site that lets you request the shows you're pining to stream your sick days and Netflix n' chill nights away to!

We're not kidding! Business Insider brought this exciting news to our attention, and we can't stop dreaming about all the requests we'll be making on the elusive page!

"Have a TV show or movie you'd like to see on Netflix?" the page asks. "Tell us about it below! This form is the one and only place to submit content requests." If your submission is accepted, they'll email you! I know, we're shocked too.

If you've been frustrated or underwhelmed by Netflix's offerings, taking this more direct approach is the way to go, especially because Netflix's library has shrunk by about 50% since 2012. We're sure you've had plenty of practice making your voice heard by your government by now; since you've practiced using your voice for that heavy lifting, we know you'll have the gusto to ask Netflix how on earth it is that Girlfriends isn't streaming yet.

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