This Guy Proposed To His Boyfriend On Splash Mountain And It'll Melt Your Heart

Splash Mountain Proposal

Disney anything is always worth clicking on. From princesses to Disneyland, the company really knows how to appeal to the general public, especially us millennials who were raised during the Disney Renaissance. 

Out of all of this Disney love comes numerous Disney proposals. Whether that is at a restaurant with a Mickey Mouse shaped diamond or at one of Disney's many international properties, it is safe to say that a Disney proposal is always magical. However, one couple really outdid themselves. 

A reddit user, eugenius310, proposed to his boyfriend on Splash Mountain at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Arguably the most popular ride at the park, the ride is an homage to the 1940s film Song of the South, a film about the reconstruction era and based on The Tales of Uncle Remus that has been banned in the United States. 

Splash Mountain Proposal

The ride is known for its large drop that always leaves its riders soaking wet. On the drop, a photo is taken. Eugenius310 knew this about, and he brought a sign with him that proposed that asked his boyfriend to marry him. He decorated the sign with a variety of colors and bubble letters, making it easy to see on the photograph. 

This is next level romantic. For starters, Chris, the boyfriend who did not know that this proposal was taking place, posed with his hands over his cheeks like he was astonished, excited, and eager. It was the perfect facial expression to accompany the proposal sign. 

According to the reddit post, eugenius310 confirmed that Chris said yes! I am sure they bought the picture, wanting to remember the day forever. Wouldn't you? This is the most adorable proposal in the history of proposals. 

I would also like to draw attention to eugenius310's face. He looks genuinely happy and confident. This guy knew what he was doing, having found the love of his life. With that kind of confidence, it is no wonder that he popped the question. 

Please join me in wishing the couple a very happy future filled with visits to Disneyland and never forgetting the Disney magic they encountered on this day. 

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