This 'High School Musical' Theory Will Literally Blow Your Mind

Sharpay Evans
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'High School Musical' may be over ten years old, but that doesn't mean it's in the past. The Disney trilogy sparked a massive following from the very first movie, and for good reason. Those songs were bomb.

But a Twitter user just blew up the internet with a Twitter thread about what SHE thinks is the truth behind 'High School Musical': 

Sharpay is the victim, and Troy and Gabriella are the true victims.

We know. But before you decide to hunt this chick down and argue her logic, check out her theory first. You can read the whole Twitter thread here, but we'll give you the summary below:

Ryan and Sharpay are experienced, hard-working performers who give a proper audition for the school musical, and are totally upended by two people who neither deserve nor appreciate the role.

High School Musical
Source: The Odyssey Online

Here are some of @SHARPAYSAVICTIM's pieces of evidence:

1. Sharpay invites Troy and Gabriella to audition for supporting roles, because you have to start somewhere and they have LITERALLY no experience. That's not mean, it's just realistic.

2. Troy and Gabriella show up late to the second audition, aren't dressed properly, and bring the whole school with them which is totally inappropriate. PLUS, the other kids didn't see Ryan and Sharpay's audition, so how do they know who's the best?

3. Sharpay and Ryan were into theater before it was cool, and basically were relentlessly bullied because of it. But now that a jock and a hot girl are the stars of the play, everyone is super supportive of the arts.

4. Troy wins his basketball game, Gabriella wins her science competition, and they both get the lead role. Meanwhile Sharpay gets nothing, so basically the moral of the Disney story is that hard work has nothing to do with success and that if you fall into things they all tend to work out.

Okay, so this girl may have a point, here. I mean, we LOVE Troy and Gabriella's chemistry and some of their duets are totally fire, but Sharpay definitely got the short end of the stick. 

Read the full dissertation-level thread here.