The Trailer For The New Jeffrey Dahmer Movie Will Literally Scare The Poop Out Of You

Jeffrey Dahmer
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Notorious convicted serial killer, sex offender, and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer was by and large one of the most diabolical criminals of our time. But he didn't just wake up one day and embark on his reign of terror. A new movie about his early life will soon hit the silver screen and the trailer is creepy enough to have you squirming in your seats!

My Friend Dahmer is based on the 2012 graphic novel written by Dent Backderf, one of Dahmer's childhood friends. The film promises to reveal the life events that led to the makings of the monster who would murder 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991.

Disney Channel's Ross Lynch stars in the film and his portrayal of Dahmer is spot-on. Anne Heche plays Dahmer's emotionally unstable mother while Dallas Roberts takes on the role of the troubled teen's alcoholic father. Backderf is portrayed by Alex Wolff. 

Their friendship seems to take on a whole new dynamic as Dahmer starts to spiral out of control. Backderf even teams up with a group of band nerds to start The Dahmer Fan Club which draws even more attention to the antics of the budding psychopath.

So how does a seemingly happy and energetic child from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, morph into a man capable of mutilating, performing sex acts with, and then turning their body parts into keepsakes? At the age of four, Dahmer had double-hernia surgery which seemed to cause a change in his demeanor. 

As time passed, he became increasingly more isolated and withdrawn. Dahmer's home life was volatile and his family frequently moved around. By the time he got to high school, he was decidedly moody, dark, and had unpredictable outbursts. You'll get to see all of this play out in the movie.

Last year marked the 25 year anniversary of Dahmer's arrest in 1991, but his story is one for the record books. My Friend Dahmer is sure to keep folks talking for years as he is a man that none of us will soon forget.

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