Remy Ma Is Super Obsessed With Harry Potter

Remy Ma Is Super Obsessed With Harry Potter
The Real

Remy Ma is amazing at a lot of things, but you might not realize that she's actually a wizard.

Okay, she's not literally a wizard, but she is a honorary one because of her insane love of Harry Potter. 

Remy went on The Real recently and showed up with wand in tow. "This is Hermione's wand," she told the ladies. That's an excellent wand choice. Since Hermione's basically the brains behind everything Harry does, that wand's going to be super powerful.

But Remy didn't just get a wand as a joke, she's legit into Harry Potter. Like borderline obsessed. She shared photos of herself at Universal Studios Wizarding World of Harry Potter, completely decked out in full Hogwarts swag. She's got the tie, the robe, and of course the colors are on point. The rapper is currently rocking the Gryffindor look and Remy even uploaded a video of herself enjoying a trip to the Wizarding World.

Remy is serious about her trips to Hogsmeade. "I go shopping there like I'm at a designer department store."

When asked who's her favorite Harry Potter character, Remy couldn't choose. She loves so many parts of Harry Potter, she's even thinking of switching over to Slytherin! The ladies on The Real were shocked, but Remy calmly explained that she knows all about Hogwarts and wouldn't be making some kind of rash decision.

See? Remy is a for real Harry Potter fan. She didn't just watch one movie then pick up some props at Universal Studios. She's all in.

Even here she's kinda repping a hot '90s Hermione look. 

According to Remy, she fell in love with the series from book one. Even before the movies, she was already totally caught up with the novels. So, she pretty much liked Harry Potter before it was cool, making her a trendsetter once again.

Remy's not just into the books, she's watched all the movies. But then she read the books again. Because, why not? 

If anybody's thinking of starting a feud with Remy, you better watch out. She's got more than a few spells up her sleeve. And with her switch over to Slytherin, she'll be even more fierce than ever.

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