Rapunzel Just Became The First Disney Princess To Do This

Rapunzel Just Became The First Disney Princess To Do This

Rapunzel (AKA Punzie) from Tangled is one of our favorite Disney princesses. She's fierce, versatile, and true to herself. Not to mention, she's the first 3D animated princess, which gives her major brownie points in the Disney universe!

But now...she's done something remarkable. Something that no other Disney princess has ever done before. 

The Corona-based princess straight up rejected a marriage proposal from her current beau, Flynn (Eugene) Rider.

This all happened during the Disney Channel Original Movie, Tangled: Before Ever After, which sets up their new show, Tangled: The Series. It's important to keep in mind that while the series is a sequel to the Tangled filmbut a prequel to the short Tangled Ever After.

Flynn got down on one knee, and asked Rapunzel to marry him in front of an entire royal court. Rapunzel felt very overwhelmed and immediately ran out. 

Later in the film, Punzie explains that she doesn't want to be tied down at the moment and asks him to "be patient with her." This totally makes sense, considering, you know, she spent most of her life trapped in a tower.

Then, Eugene responds, “I don’t quite understand why you said no, but I promise to do everything I can until I do."

Yay Disney for showing us relationship struggles!

Not everyone considers Disney sequels canon, for obvious reasons. So while you might not take this information to heart, it still is pretty awesome. Now this is what we call a happily ever after.

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