Male Celebs Pretending To Be Cher From Clueless Will Make You Lol So Hard

Male Celebs Pretending To Be Cher From Clueless Will Make You Lol So Hard
Lynn Hirschberg

Everyone's favorite movie from the '90s has been revived by some unexpected celebs. Actors Jake Gyllenhaal, Seth Rogen, Bradley Cooper, and Paul Dano all tried their best to embody Cher Horowitz, the fabulous teen protagonist from "Clueless". SPOILER ALERT: It's hilarious.

Okay, so none of them attempted Cher's iconic Valley Girl accent, but Jake did admit that he totally speaks like Cher in real life. Amazing! While Paul and Bradley showed off their acting chops by taking a much more serious and subdued approach to Cher's speech about Haitian refugees, Seth went all out. If there's ever a remake, we expect to see him on the shortlist for the new Beverly Hills High teenager.

Lynn Hirschberg, the director of this hilarious video, has also made a video with a few famous ladies showing off their ability to embody beloved movie characters. She chose Emma Stone, Natalie Portman, and Ruth Negga to "audition" for the role of Chunk in "The Goonies". 

Emma totally kills it by weeping through her lines, proving she totally deserves the Best Actress Oscar she's nominated for. Both Natalie and Ruth don't go as hard as Emma, but they give it their best while giggling throughout. Could they be any cuter?

We loved all these celebs as Cher and Chunk, but who did you think earned the part?

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