Learn and Laugh with These Educational Games Your Kids Will Love!

Learn and Laugh with These Educational Games Your Kids Will Love!

When you see your kid spending hours playing shoot 'em up video games, or even worse, something dreamed up by the reality television channel conglomerate, you start to worry about all that time wasted doing essentially nothing. But what are you going to do? Your child loves gaming. Well you're in luck because we've picked out 10 video as well as board games that are super educational and that your children will still get a kick out of!

1. Scribblenauts

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Your child will be able to harness her powers of language, logic, and problem solving while she chooses the right tools to complete each puzzle in this Nintendo Wii U game.

2. Kids on Stage: The Charades Game for Kids

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Your kids will love acting, dancing, and singing for everyone's attention. This game is the perfect way to break shy children out of their shell while teaching them about creativity and teamwork.

3. Civilization

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In this simulation civilization building computer game, children learn about diplomacy, strategy, planning, decision making, and exploration while they create their own kingdom and try to protect and lead effectively.

4. Uno 52 for Nintendo DS

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Kids love Uno, and why shouldn't they? You did when you were a kid. Teach your child about colors, numbers, matching, and strategy with this simple card game turned Nintendo DS video game!

5. Where's Waldo? Join the search! Board Game

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You remember Waldo right? Join him and his friends in the ultimate hunting adventure! This game is a race to find specific hidden objects which will improve your child's fine motor skills and memory.

6. Magic School Bus Oceans - Nintendo DS

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Miss Frizzle is still at it! She wants your kids to hop on the magic school bus and learn about the wonders of the vast ocean.

7. Leapfrog Leap TV Dance and Learn Educational Video Game for Kids

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Watch your child sing and dance as he develops his early reading and language skills. Your kid will really love seeing himself star in his own mini-production on TV!

8. Brain Quest Smart Game

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What better way is there to get your child eager to learn, than by playing this lively game? Your kid can play in science, math, reading, and more without feeling like she is at school!

9. Big Brain Academy for Nintendo Wii

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Train hard, test your brain, and earn a Wii Degree with Big Brain Academy. Your kids will love that they can play with multiple players and compete!

10. Little Big Planet 3 for Playstation 4

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Your child will be introduced to all the quirky inhabitants of the imaginary planet Bunkham while they explore and learn by customizing characters, expressing their individuality through game play, and learning how to gain power-ups by making smart choices.

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