Is Harry Styles' New Song About Taylor Swift? Here's Why We Think So

Is Harry Styles' New Song About Taylor Swift? Here's Why We Think So

I have just stopped caring if people judge me about the fact that I would stop everything and grab my ankles if Harry Styles even looked my way. Regardless of what your "type" is, you have to admit that Styles is one of the most beautiful humans that has ever walked this Earth. 

He dated country and pop music icon Taylor Swift for about a month in late 2012, and, ever since, the former couple has been writing song about their relationship. For example, Swift has admitted that "I Knew You Were Trouble," "Style," and "Out of the Woods" are all about Harry Styles. Now, with his upcoming debut solo album, it is Styles' turn to give his side of the story. 

Harry Styles shared his song list for the album last week, and the internet went crazy when we saw one track entitled, "Ever Since New York". The title closely resembles the opening track on Taylor Swift's 1989 album "Welcome to New York", and the pair was often spotted holding hands around New York City after Swift moved there earlier in 2012. 

Then, Styles said that he would perform "Ever Since New York" on Saturday Night Live this past weekend and that it would be his next single. Channeling his inner British rocker, Styles gave top notch performances of both this song as well as his current single "Sign of the Times." 

Yeah, the song is definitely about Taylor Swift. There is zero doubt in my mind that Styles wrote this song about his month-long relationship with the most successful woman in pop history. "There's no water in this swimming pool" references the indoor pool in Swift's Brooklyn townhouse and serves as a metaphor for their lack-of-depth relationship. 

Later, he adds, "I've been praying, I never did before - Understand I'm talk to the walls - And I've been praying ever since New York." Whatever happened in their relationship was clearly tumultuous if the pair cannot stop writing about each other. Also, this lyric shows the desperation of the bad-boy, former One Direction member. Mostly, it makes me wonder what went wrong. The passion is clearly still there, but why can't they make it work? 

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