Hugh Jackman's Cancer is Back & Wolverine Has a Message For Us All

Hugh Jackman's Cancer is Back & Wolverine Has a Message For Us All

Hugh Jackman is dealing with cancer for the sixth time.

The Aussie actor has struggled with skin cancer since 2013. But he wants other people to learn from his experiences and he has an important, two word message: wear sunscreen.

Jackman blames his failure to wear sunscreen during his sunny, southern hemisphere upbringing down under for his recurring basal cell carcinoma. 

Known as BCC, basal cell carcinoma is the most common form of skin cancer and about three million cases are diagnosed in the United States annually. And while this type of cancer is usually treatable, it is also very preventable since it is believed to be caused by long periods of exposure to ultra violet rays fro the sun or tanning beds. 

Hugh has taken to social media to use his bad luck to spread the word about skin cancer and to urge his followers to wear sunscreen.

Those of us with darker skin may not have been raised on sunscreen, but it is important for everyone. Pale skinned people are more likely to encounter skin cancer, darker folks can still get it, especially in the lighter areas around the fingernails and toenails, and on the palms and soles of the feet. So everyone, take note.

As for Wolverine, he is obviously conscious about his health and taking care of himself. From the looks of this picture, we think he's tough enough to kick carcinoma's butt.

Get better soon, Hugh, and thank you for getting out the message about the importance of sunscreen. Take care of that handsome mug.