Emma Watson Explains How She Transformed Belle's Character And Made Her A Feminist

Emma Watson Explains How She Transformed Belle's Character And Made Her A Feminist
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ūüé∂¬†She really is a funny girl...that Belle...ūüé∂

If you're a Beauty and the Beast fan, you already know that the villagers in Belle's town think she's really, really strange. But why? Because she reads? Because her father is an inventor? Because she isn't attracted to boorish, brainless Gaston?

Well, Emma Watson wanted to dig a little deeper and find out why. Whether it's the animated version or the Broadway version, one thing is clear: Belle is intelligent, strong, willful - and always stays true to herself, a message that resonates with audiences all over the world.

Watson saw that, but considering she's portraying a live-action Belle, she wanted to add a little more to her backstory.

"In the original, you don't get much of a sense of who is Belle, what does she do, where does she come from, how does she spend her time, before she meets Beast," Watson said. "So I wanted to create more of a backstory for her."

Traditionally speaking, Belle's father, "crazy ol' Maurice," is an inventor. However, this time, the Belle that we'll be meeting in March is an inventor, and attempted to invent to "first washing machine" so she could spend less time doing chores, and more time reading.

"They don‚Äôt think women should read and it goes further than that," Emma says of the villagers.¬†"They are deeply suspicious of intelligence. Breaking the washing machine is symbolic of not just them breaking something she spent hours working on, but them really trying to break her spirit and trying to push her and mold her into a more ‚Äėacceptable‚Äô version of herself."

We'll be watching! 

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