The Author Of Kim Kardashian's First Book Club Choice Claims To Have Met Jesus

The Author Of Kim Kardashian's First Book Club Choice Claims To Have Met Jesus
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You're probably psyched to join Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen in the first month of their book club. Honestly, any chance to get Chrissy to tweet at you is worth doing. 

But their first book is not exactly what we expected. The 1992 memoir Embraced by the Light by Betty Eadie tells the tale of the time the author died, went to heaven, and came back. The book details meeting Jesus, what heaven was like, and how it was a pretty big disappointment to come back to the real world.

Okay, sure. Whether or not you believe in the afterlife, this certainly sounds like an interesting read. Ms. Eadie has stuck to her story for over 40 years and certainly doesn't seem to be trying to capitalize on people's curiosity about what Jesus really sounds like.

But some of the beliefs are a little weird. According to Eadie, she asked Jesus in Heaven why her childhood had been so bad. Jesus said it was her choices that brought about her misfortunes in life. "We select our parents, we select our circumstance. In other words, there are no accidents," Eadie said.

It seems a little harsh to blame an abused child for "choosing" their horrible parents. Or for anyone who experiences trauma, especially as a kid, the idea that Jesus is like "Sorry bout it, why'd you choose such a lame life" is not super comforting. Did all the Syrian refugees "choose" to go through the horrors they're going through?

Also, the fact that Jesus would take Betty's soul, talk to her, show her all the cool stuff in Heaven and then go, "Psych, I gotta send you back to fulfill your mission," is pretty harsh. 

To prepare her for her mission, Jesus apparently gave her a sneak preview into what could happen  in Earth's future and it's not pretty. She says we're destroying the planet, not just physically, but with all the hate and anger around. “We haven’t reached the point of full devastation but it’s in the works, and we can make a difference if we realize that and change."

What would this devastation look like? Well, Betty said, “I was shown civil unrest, countries turning against countries… I was shown people on the streets killing each other, and we’re kind of doing that already.”

Sadly, that vision describes many points in history and the world hasn't ended yet. But Betty's basic lesson of giving love, stopping pollution, and trying to encourage kindness between people is a great message, whatever you believe.

All in all, this is never what we would have thought Kim Kardashian would be into, but it sounds like a pretty cool read, from an interesting person with a few pretty weird beliefs.