American Girl Doll Is Releasing Its First Boy Doll Ever!

American Girl Doll Is Releasing Its First Boy Doll Ever!
American Girl

Nowadays, there should be no shame if your boy wants to play with dolls and your girl wants to play with trucks. But if a boy wants his own baby doll, his options are pretty limited. And if he was looking for any kind of American Girl to represent him, he was definitely out of luck.

American Girl has finally branched out and made a boy doll! His character's name is Logan and he's a drummer for Tenny, a singer songwriter character from Nashville who's also due to be released soon.

Logan has light brown hair and grey eyes and it looks like he keeps his style pretty casual. Though a more accurate doll of our boys would definitely have way more messed up hair and come with a million toys that are strewn about every surface of the house, maybe Logan will be a role model.

Logan comes with his flannel and T-shirt and there's an optional drum kit you can buy if you want to see him in action. There's no word yet if Logan and Tenney are an item, we just know they take their music seriously and Nashville is starting to get into it.

Hopefully, Logan isn't just some lame Ken to Tenney's Barbie. It would be way cooler for Logan to just be her friend and for them both to have their own lives. Luckily, it looks like American Girl is heading in the friend direction, so that's awesome.

Apparently, the American Girl company has been getting more and more requests for boy dolls, so Logan is probably just the beginning. Here's hoping that they release a couple more diverse male characters soon so that the white boys don't get to have all the fun. 

Thus far, Logan doesn't have a lot of clothing or accessory options (except the drum kit) and won't be featured in a book of his own. But, if this really takes off, there could be a whole line of American Boys in the future.

For now, it seems great that the line is being more inclusive of all genders, but we love that the focus is still on stories about strong, interesting girls. So, we get to keep the Girl Power but bring boys into the fun, too.

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