A Wine Glass That Fits Your Face Perfectly? YAS!

A Wine Glass That Fits Your Face Perfectly? YAS!

Anything that can make the wine drinking experience better deserves to be applauded. That’s why we’re giving the Wine Glass Mask a standing ovation. If you haven’t guessed already, it’s a wine glass that doesn’t interfere with getting the delicious drink from the glass to your mouth. How? By providing space for your nose. Genius!

James Piatt, creator of the Wine Glass Mask, didn’t just design this glass for the look. He notes on Kickstarter, “As you breathe in, you notice an intensified aroma because none of your experience is lost.” He continues, “As red wine breathes wine molecules combine with nitrogen and oxygen in the air, the venturi nozzles on the front of the Wine Glass Mask reduces the flow of oxygen and nitrogen and increases their velocity entering the wine aroma mixing chamber as you breathe in.”

We’ll take his word for it because when it comes to wine, we’re all about the drinking and not the thinking that goes into it!

The Wine Glass Mask isn't the weirdest invention that's entered this "wino" market. There's the Wine Glass Hip Rider. This one is more for the embarrassing dad who also wears his phone on his belt loop. The Winerack that allows for you to take a sip in a bit of a discreet way. Okay, now these make the Glass Mask look pretty freaking normal, right?