7 Movies For Your Next Netflix-And-Chill Date

7 Movies For Your Next Netflix-And-Chill Date

If you've ever received a text that reads something along the lines of:

Hey. Wanna Netflix and chill?

Congratulations! You've just been booty-called. At this point though, the actual definition of the term is completely dependent on the person using it. For the purpose of this piece, we'll just think of Netflix-and-Chilling as a term that suggests watching a flirty film that may lead to a joint nighttime activity. These movies are perfect for such an evening.


Guys, you may think this is a chick flick, but once you see the scene in the library, you'll understand why this flick makes the list. Keira Knightley and James McAvoy make for a sexy pair. Fine performances and a dramatic plot line give this movie the emotional heft needed for a romantic night together. 

Sin City

No matter what you're into, the eye candy is there for you. Jessica Alba plays the girl-next-door turned stripper. Josh Hartnett brings black tie elegance to new levels of hotness. Rosario Dawson leads a gang of dominatrixes. And Bruce Willis transforms sadness into sexiness. Action-packed and visually stunning, Sin City will get you both riled up.

Notting Hill

So this is definitely the unabashed chick flick pick on the list. But if you're going to do a romantic comedy, you may as well watch the king and queen of the genre - Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. This film is everything you'd expect: light, fun, sweet, and a bunch of other trite adjectives. If you're feeling cuddly, this is definitely how you should Netflix-and-Chill.


Who said true love couldn't be part of the Netflix-and-Chill phenomenon? Rent has everything a film needs to pull at your heartstrings: tragic love stories cut short by death, people of all different races and sexualities falling for each other, being one's self despite what others think, and most importantly, an important take-home message: when it comes to love, there's "no day but today." If a Friday night crying in the hands of your lover appeals to you, sing along as you measure your lives in love.

Scary Movie

This starts our trilogy of horror films, and is perfect for the couple not entirely sure if horror's their thing. Scary Movie is at the intersection of over-the-top scary and raunchy comedy. Anna Faris proves she's comedic gold in her star turn as Cindy Campbell. Plus Shannon Elizabeth's in it! The girl who played sexy exchange student Nadia in American Pie. You'll laugh. Maybe you'll gasp a bit. But most importantly, you'll have fun.

Scream 2

Are you a medium salsa kind of couple? Scream 2 hits that sweet spot of laugh-out-loud funny and scream-out-loud scary. More a satire than parody, Scream 2 picks up where Scream left off: Sidney Prescott tries to put her trauma behind her as she starts college. As you can guess, that which haunted her in the first film returns with a vengeance. But hey! Scary can be sexy. A guy in the film that dies quite quickly says, "Scary movies are great foreplay" (source).


Our final entry is also the scariest. Timid couples look elsewhere. Thrill-seekers: we've got a flick for you! Mark Duplass is genuinely terrifying and the whole found footage aspect adds to the eerie tone. To be honest, we're not sure if you'll want to have fun together after, or hold each other in sheer terror. You've been warned. 

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