15 Video Game Inspired Cookies

15 Video Game Inspired Cookies
Mushroom & Star Cookies - SweetAmbs

Video games have come a long way since Space Invaders. The intricacies of the storylines and visual effects have reached whole new levels of awesome. Not to mention that most of us have smart phones that we play loads of fun games on..probably a little too much sometimes. Angry Birds Addiction is a real. Video game cookies make great treats for a birthday party of a gift for your geek friends. These cookies celebrate the joy that are video games, of all kinds. From Mario to Skylander, there's something for everyone.

Photo Source: SweetAmbs

Photo Source: Jaclyn's Cookies

Photo Source: Dolce Custom Cookies via Etsy

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Photo Source: Sweet Sugarbelle

Photo Source: SweetAmbs

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Photo Source: Sweet Explorations

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Photo Source: For The Love Of Cookies

Photo Source: Sweet Hope Cookies

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Photo Source: Whoo's Bakery via Etsy

Photo Source: Sweet Face Bakes

What's your favorite video game?

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